SCHÜTZE Spraytechnology

– for more than 90 years a synonym for high quality spray equipment


1927Foundation of company by Mr. Alfred Schütze in Jena (East Germany). Trade with paints, colours, paint-brushes, wallpapers… .
1930Beginning of trade with spray guns.
Around 1935 the production of own SCHÜTZE-spray guns starts.
1945First representation in Bremen (West Germany) for SCHÜTZE-spray guns starts
their work (company name: Fruchthandel Gesellschaft Scipio + Fischer mbH, Bremen).
1951Foundation of company “Weser Apparatebau Walter Lindner” in Bremen subsidy by Mr. Alfred Schütze. This company assumed the representation of SCHÜTZE-products and started parallel to the head quarter in Jena also the production of SCHÜTZE spray guns. The abbreviation “W” in a lot of SCHÜTZE spray gun types is a result of “Weser Apparatebau”. The first product place in Bremen was located in the Kirchbachstraße.
1958Because of the difficultly political and economic situation in East-Germany, the machinery, tools, technical drawings and further equipment were transported from Jena to Bremen in the fifties. On a medium-term basis the principle place of production and business should move to Bremen.
1959The name of bremish location was changed in: “Walter Lindner Apparatebau”. They moved in the new factory building in the Legienstraße in Bremen.
Final emigration of family Schütze from Jena to Bremen. Mr. Schütze absorb the company “Walter Lindner Apparatebau” and continue the business under company name “Alfred Schütze Apparatebau”.
since 1960The good and successful SCHÜTZE-products made it necessary to increase the number of employees. The company started to qualify trainees. Besides the well-known product range of manual spray guns and material pressure tanks, the SCHÜTZE technicians designed and produced the first automatic spray valves for the application of glues.
1966Extension of factory by a multi-store office building.
1973Change of company name in “Alfred Schütze Apparatebau GmbH & Co.”. Purchasing and installation of the first semi-automatically production machines. During the seventies the design and development of automatic spray valves was pushed ahead. The close collaboration with industrial customers, especially for glue applications, was intensified.
Also a lot of other fluids could be sprayed with the SCHÜTZE automatic spray valves. Customers from different lines of business starts to solve their spray jobs with SCHÜTZE spray equipment.
1990The founder of the company, Mr. Alfred Schütze, died. Testamentary is determined, that four longtime executives absorb the company. Change of company name in: “Alfred Schütze Apparatebau GmbH”.
1994As a result of the larger product range, the first CNC-machines were purchased and installed. The higher flexibility and capacity was utilised for additional solutions for specific customers.
1996The capacity of location Legienstraße was, although constantly expanding, exhausted.
In october 1996 the company moved into the much bigger building Hannoversche Straße 69-71 in Bremen. Approx. 1.000 square meter gave the opportunity to modernise and to increase the machinery. Also the assembly department and the offices were expanded.
2002Big celebration on the occasion of “75 years Alfred Schütze”.
2005End of testament. Continuation of company was arranged early. So continuous development is ensured.
2006/2007New fields of application gave us constant growth during the last years. Further investments in modern CNC lathe and milling machines as well as engagement of further personnel were necessary and the existing capacity of space was exhausted faster than scheduled. Modification and expansion of existing building in year 2006 / 2007 gave more space for the department production and assembling. In this way optimum production conditions were still available.
2014After seven more years the newly created space is used up yet again. A big new step takes place in year 2014 with the new building and move to our new premises in the Zeppelinstraße 2 in 28844 Weyhe-Dreye. Production, assembly and warehouse now have more than twice as much space as the old location. And further expansion on the over 10.000 square meter estate would be realized easily.

The high flexibility and our possibilities to find optimum solutions for special application requirements, is well-known worldwide. Dealers and partners in all continents guarantee the supply with SCHÜTZE products and spareparts.

Our innovative ability is in evidence by issue several patents, utility patents and an award for innovative achivements (Schütting-Preis).

Spraying or extruding release agents, glues, oils, colours, paints, baking-fats…, for most of the fluids we find the optimum solution. Please contact us for your individual demands.