Useable for all spray valves!

Spray valves need normally two air connections. One for the
atomizing air, the other one for opening the needle (control
air). For most applications a lower atomizing air pressure than
control air pressure is needed. Besides this it is advantageous
to have a temporal delay between atomizing air and control air
(so called “pre air” and “purging air”). This prevents that fluid
forms drop instead of the desired atomisation.

Our new external control valve combined all demands. It works
pneumatically. It receives from a separate 3/2 way solenoid
valve an air pulse of 5 – 6 bar. This pulse starts the atomizing
air, which can be reduced by the assembled pressure regulator
to the needed air pressure. Delayed starts the control air
without pressure reduction (5 – 6 bar). The closing process
takes place in reverse order.

A second solenoid valve, its installation and activation is not
necessary anymore.

For spray valves with separate supply of middle- and cone air
(f.i. ASV, GF4), a second pressure regulator can assembled
to the control valve. In this way middle air and cone air can be
regulated individually.

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information pleas contact us.

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