The material pressure tanks of series DG are made from
stainless steel. All necessary fittings, as two pressure reducers,
safety valve 6 bar (type approved) and connections are
installed on top of the tank. Quick locking lid for re-filling the
tank. The low weight and the handle of the pressure tanks DG
allows also comfortable handling, f.i. for mobile use.

Advantages compared with spraying by cup guns:

  • less interruptions for refilling flow cups
  • clean working area
  • better handling of spray gun
  • pressure feed results in more fluid output per unit of time
  • constant flow of fluid improves quality of lay on
  • reduced fluid mist by less air friction with fluid particles
  • internal mix nozzles in spray guns for special effect paints also for reduced mist effects
  • several spray guns can be fed simultaneously (option)

Available volumes:

DG 6 = approx. 6 Liter
DG 9 = approx. 9 Liter
DG 18 = approx. 18 Liter


  • connections for several spray guns
  • different connection sizes:
standard = for hose 6/4 mm,
options = for hose 8/6 mm or
1/4“ inner thread or
1/4“ outer thread

Technical data:

max. 6 bar
ø 216mm, Höhe 420mm
ø 230mm, Höhe 430mm
ø 230mm, Höhe 665mm
approx. 3,5 kg
approx. 4 kg
approx. 5 kg
stainless steel
Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.

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