In many cases the extrusion valves of series MMDV/MV give the opportunity to solve application jobs by their low weight
and their small dimensioned construction, especially for the installation in machines or robots. The very small dimensions
of valves give the opportunity to install them with very low space requirements. With the long nozzles (LV) the valves
can be sloped to each other such to achieve narrow nozzle distances.

These valves are suitable for the application of glues, adhesives, oils and sealing compounds. Depending on nozzle
dimension, fluids of different viscosities can be applied.

Die Steuerung des Ventils erfolgt mittels des direkt angeflanschten 3/2 Wege Magnetventils. Durch die kurzen
Luftwege im Ventil lassen sich schnelle und exakte Auf/Zu-Bewegungen der Nadel erzielen.

The extrusion valves of series MMDV/MV are designed for material pressures up to 30 bar.

The short control air distance, reached through the directly mounted 3/2 way solenoid valve, gives this valve very fast and
exact needle intermission cycles.

  • available nozzle dimensions:
    0,2 / 0,3 / 0,4 / 0,5 / 0,6 / 0,7 / 0,8 / 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 2,5 mm ø
  • With ratchet regulator for easy adjusting amount of fluid
  • regulation of fluid outlet optional with counter nut adjustment
  • solenoid valves in different tensions
    (24 V/DC / 110 V/AC / 230 V/AC)
  • optional with proximity switch

Technical data:

max. 10 bar
min. 6 bar
up to 30 cycles per second
140 x 76 x 15
(incl. solenoid valve)
brass, chem. nickel plated
stainless steel
tungsten carbide
Viton ®
(other materials on request)
Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information pleas contact us.

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