The AIRLESS-spray guns S 720/250 and S 720/ 500 are suitable to fit all standard AIRLESS-pumps. These spray guns are
spraying fluids without atomizing air. They can be equipped with standard AIRLESS-nozzles or nozzle cleaning devices as
”roto-clean“ or the like. The model S 720/250 can be used for material pressures up to
250 bar. The model S 720/500 can be used for material pressures up to 500 bar. For less fatiguing handling the spray gun is equipped with a regulating unit to adjust the power of the needle return spring, efficiently to all adequate fluid pressures.

The following further advantages of AIRLESS-spray guns of series S 720 were realized:

  • robust construction
  • ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • long trigger for optimal leverage
  • reliable seat unit for durable use under hardest conditions
  • mechanics without any problems
  • needle seat parts made from tungsten carbide

Safety measures:

  • trigger lock
  • strigger guard

dard version:

  • filter
  • swivel 1/4“
  • tool

Technical data:

approx. 700 g
S 720/250 = max. 250 bar
S 720/500 = max. 500 bar
aluminium, anodized
tungsten carbide
ball point tungsten carbide
Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.

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