When spraying material continuously in considerable volume,
the employment of a material pressure tank pays off within a
short period of time.

In standard version the material pressure tanks VS are equipped
with clamping brackets for fast and easy opening and closing of
the lid. Tanks are made from stainless steel.

Advantages compared with spraying by cup guns:

  • less interruptions for refilling flow cups
  • clean working area
  • better handling of spraygun
  • pressure feed results in more fluid output per unit of time
  • constant flow of fluid improves quality of lay on
  • reduced fluid mist by less air friction with fluid particles
  • internal mix nozzles in sprayguns for special effect paints also for reduced mist effects
  • several sprayguns can be fed simultaneously (optional)

Material pressure tanks VS are equipped with:

  • lid locked by clamping brackets
  • safety valve (type approved)
  • pressure reducer for atomizing air
  • pressure reducer for fluid
  • nipple for quick coupler (air inlet)
  • cock for fluid outlet
  • cock for atomizing air outlet
  • air stirrer motor (optional)
  • level reading device (optional)

Technical data:

Model Volume
Operating Pressure
Test Pressure
VS 1 1 2,5 3,6 2,2 120 290
VS 2 2 2,5 3,6 3,5 180 290
VS 5 5 2,5 3,6 6,0 260 320
VS 10 10 2,5 3,6 6,5 260 430
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