Baking release agents   

Whether bread or baked goods: the finished product should slide out of the mould without leaving any residue after baking. Baking release agents are used to make sure that this is the case. These are applied as thinly and evenly as possible, as this is the only way to ensure that the products are of a consistently good quality. SCHÜTZE offers a range of different solutions for the various requirements of the baking industry. These include nozzles, sprayers and entire concepts designed to ensure a constant yet flexible production sequence. This makes it more effective to wet moulds of different shapes, sizes and heights, while also making the production process significantly more economical.

Oiling baking trays

When it comes to oiling baking trays, the best results are achieved using machinery. The precise, adjustable equipment wets the baking trays and moulds evenly every single time and works completely hygienically. The sparing use of the release agent is another economic benefit. With its wide range of products for professional oiling, SCHÜTZE has the perfect solution for any application. Deciding on the right solution for your company depends on a variety of factors, including the production volume you work with, whether you want the oiling to be performed continually or periodically, which release agent or cutting oil you use, and many other factors. We will gladly provide you with customised advice.

Spraying on flavourings

Many products only get their characteristic taste and aroma once they have been sprayed with special flavourings. One of these products is instant coffee, which is aromatised with a coffee extract after drying. Oils are also aromatised, in order to give them a delicate buttery taste, for example, as are products such as breakfast cereals, crackers and other items. The flavourings must only be used very sparingly, and must be sprayed on as evenly as possible.

SCHÜTZE is familiar with the particular requirements of this production step, and has developed techniques and the corresponding equipment to apply the perfect amount of flavouring. This guarantees optimal surface wetting every single time.

Application of glazing agents

When the right glazing agent is applied, baked goods are given an attractive shine and the perfect golden-brown colour which is particularly attractive to consumers. This appearance indicates freshness, quality and the perfect taste. Baked goods can be glazed individually using a brush, but spraying the finished products creates a more even finish and a more noticeable effect. The products from SCHÜTZE help ensure the perfect ultra-thin spray pattern. The economical use of the glazing agent combined with techniques that are not based on nebulisation helps to save materials and therefore reduce costs. This ensures that the glazing agent is applied cleanly, sparingly and effectively every single time.

Anti-germinating agents

Special anti-germinating agents are used in the food industry during the processing and subsequent packaging of products intended for consumption. These agents have disinfectant properties and prevent issues such as the formation of bacteria, fungi, viruses, legionella and biofilm. This extends the products’ shelf life and keeps them fresh for longer. But a disinfectant can only be effective if it is correctly dosed. With the solutions from SCHÜTZE, reliable dosing is guaranteed. Products are available for open and closed systems and are customised based on the requirements of the particular area of application.

Food industry solutions

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