AIRLESS automatic spray valve
S-830 SW with quick change holder

The S-830 SW AIRLESS automatic spray valve is a pneumatically applicator for processing spray materials, e.g. release agents, adhesives or paints.

The spraying process is generated by the control air and the material feed pressure, and can be performed either as a continuous or intermittent process.

The control air for opening and closing is supplied to the spray valve via a 5/2-way valve (not included in the scope of supply).

The function of the needle is: to open in response to compressed air and to close in response to spring pressure.

A key feature of these valves is the ability to replace the valve in just a matter of seconds without the need to loosen or disconnect all supply hoses. This reduces downtimes to a minimum.

The quick change holder is firmly attached to the system/robot. The spray valve can only be removed from the holder by turning a clamp lever, which automatically closes off the material supply.

Technical data:

Control air pressure Open / Close: 5 - 6 bar
Material pressure: max. 250 bar

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.


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