Valve heater

Valve heaters are used to heat the medium in the spray valve and thus improve its flow properties.

The valve heater is fastened to a spray valve (not included with delivery) using M5 screws. The heating cartridge and the temperature sensor have to be connected electrically. A clamping screw is provided to integrate the valve heater into the equipotential bonding. The heating housing is controlled by a temperature control unit or PLC (neither item included with delivery).

Heating housings are available for the following models:

  • ASV
  • GF-4
  • KA-2
  • MKD-IS R/F
  • MKD
  • MKDD
  • MMDV
  • MMKD-40
  • MMKD-50
  • S830

Technical data:

Fastening type: 2 x M5 screw
Operating voltage: 24V / 115V / 230V
Power: 10W / 25W / 40W / 45W / 50W
Cable length: approx. 300 mm
Plug connector: M12 4 / 5-pin
Weight: approx. 0.25 kg

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.


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