Pneumatically controlled Material pressure regulator
PMDR 5:1 and 10:1
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The SCHÜTZE material pressure regulators are used for regulating fluid pressures. Their function corresponds with pressure reducers. The maximum outgoing material pressure can not be higher than the incoming material pressure. The air pressure (in drawing marked with „Luft“) determines the outgoing material pressure (marked with “Aus”) in a ratio of 5:1 resp. 10:1.

Pneumatically controlled pressure regulators are designed for regulating fluid pressures by remote control, f.i. in machines with varying speeds. One advantage compared with hand regulators is that the outgoing pressure can be reduced also when no fluid is flowing.

These regulators are manufactured from stainless steel. In this way they are suitable for most of fluids f.i. glues, adhesives, colours, paints, release agents, oils...

The valve balls are made from ceramics, the piston gaskets from PTFE.

Technical data:

Material: material contacted parts made from stainless steel
Ball: ceramics
Gaskets: Viton® / PTFE
Incoming pressure: max. 60 bar (5:1), max. 70 bar (10:1)
Incoming air pressure: max. 6 bar
Threads for material inlet and outlet: 3/8“
Thread for air supply: 1/8“

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.


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