Anti-squeak varnish

A car is made up of a range of different materials, including plastic and often leather. The higher the quality of the vehicle, the more often these two materials come together – literally. The problem: when these materials come into contact with one another, this can lead to squeaking noises that become irritating in the long run and that get worse over time. This is a real issue, as a vehicle’s acoustics are an important factor when deciding which model to buy. Manufacturers therefore try to keep squeaking noises to a minimum, and they do this by using special varnishes.

These anti-squeak varnishes have lubricating and noise-suppression properties. They are available in paste or liquid form, and can be applied either manually or automatically via a spray system. The related application equipment must be precisely adapted to the demands of the respective segment. With individual valves, spray devices and other technologies, SCHÜTZE offers customised solutions that allow for effective and economical application. These solutions are also so precise that they can rule out any defects such as “overspray”.

Lifetime lubrication

When lubricant is applied to a friction point and then stays there until the part’s “end of life”, this is referred to as lifetime lubrication. Sealing rings ensure that the grease stays in those areas that it needs to keep moving smoothly and without friction. With SCHÜTZE products, the lubricant can be applied with optimal dosings and pinpoint accuracy. And because different lubricating greases and systems have different requirements with regard to application and production processes, SCHÜTZE offers a correspondingly wide selection of professional solutions.

Seat rails

The inside of a vehicle is made up of a large number of different elements, each of which needs to be able to withstand very different stresses. Synthetic lubricants are used in order to ensure that all of these elements can perform their respective functions reliably and on a permanent basis. Technical solutions and reliable application tools are required in order to apply these lubricants with a high level of precision. SCHÜTZE knows the challenges posed by this process, and develops optimally adapted solutions for precisely this purpose.

One example application is the lubrication of seat rails, where several different factors need to be taken into account at the same time: part of the guide rails is always visible when moving the seat, which is why transparent greases are used. These greases must not leave behind any specks or oil, as this could damage the adjacent seat material and flooring. Therefore, the accurate application of lubricating grease is just as important as the lubrication itself.

Sunroof tracks

A car is exposed to extremely varied weather conditions and temperature fluctuations over the course of its lifetime, with the car body and the attached add-on parts being the most affected. This is even more applicable to any moving parts such as window lifts or sunroofs. In order that these components can function reliably and without any faults, special lubricants are used that are not only able to withstand large temperature fluctuations on a permanent basis, but that are also resistant to salt, water and dust. However, this type of lubricant can only live up to its full potential if it is correctly applied. The tried-and-tested technologies and reliable application equipment from SCHÜTZE ensure that this is the case.

Corrosion protection

The vehicle production industry is subject to extremely stringent quality standards. Recurring checks performed both during and after the production process are used to prevent errors and (visual) defects. In order to ensure that the finished vehicle arrives at the dealer’s premises in precisely this undamaged state, temporary paint protection is applied to the car body prior to transportation. This protects the outer shell against scratches, corrosion and other external influences. The aqueous or solvent-containing solutions are applied using a spraying procedure. The Schütze Apparatebau spray valves make this process quick, precise and effortless. Thanks to these valves, effective transport protection or initial corrosion protection can be reliably applied both to entire vehicles and individual components.

Activators for glass bonding (primers)

Glass is very difficult if not impossible to bond without the use of special equipment. This is due to its surface tension, which can vary depending on the type and age of the glass as well as the influence of many other additional factors. In short, the adhesive strength is too low for a good adhesive bond due to the low surface tension.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to bond glass using special primers that prevent glass corrosion and form a water-repellent film. This eliminates the key factors responsible for the poor adhesion of glass. These primers also cause silanols to form, which absorb water and react with the glass, significantly increasing the adhesive strength. The bond becomes even more stable if the glass is flame-treated or pyrolysed before the primer is applied.

SCHÜTZE has developed systems that provide the same level of professional support during the application of the primer as during all other necessary or optional steps involved in glass bonding.

Metal plates

Before they are moulded into their actual shape, metal plates need to be evenly oiled. Only then can they be shaped into components such as doors, engine hoods etc. This can be carried out either partially or in full, depending on the subsequent purpose. There are parts that do not need to be oiled in every area.

Oiling is performed using special valves that spray the oil onto the plate. Ideally, there should always be an even and precise spray pattern. Schütze Apparatebau has a wide range of products for this process. And whichever product is the right one for your specific production requirements: all solutions are flexible, economical and precise.

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