Decor-spray gun
W 3 / W 3 F

The SCHÜTZE-spray gun for all demanding small sprayjobs.

The decor-spray gun W3 is a light and handy spray gun for all small sprayjobs in industry and trade. Besides lots of other fields this gun is used in:

- toys industry
- car painting
- leather industry
- graphic
- shoe industry
- model makers
- designer
- joinery

The easy and comfortable handling, the precision nozzle / needle / aircap system and the low weight of this spray gun allow very fine shadings of paint applications. It also offers good possibilities for stenciling tecniques.

  • available nozzle dimensions:
    ø 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm (standard version: 0.8 mm ø)
  • cup sizes:
    50 ccm aluminium (standard version)
    0.3 ltr. aluminium
  • for finest small spray jobs
  • the decor-spray gun with handy spray gun body
  • reliable sprayjet
  • precise, smooth mecanics
  • available as FINE-SPRAY gun type W3F
    (flatspray, alternatively roundspray)
    the reliable spray gun for the artist’s hand

Technical data:

Weight: 310 g
Air consumption: approx. 60 ltr./min. (at 2 bar and 0,8 mm nozzle)
Air pressure: max. 6 bar
Gun body: aluminium, blue anodized
Nozzle + needle: stainless steel
Gaskets: Viton® resp. PTFE

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.


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