Nozzle extensions
DSV MMKD + MMDV extrusion

The extensions of series DSV MMKD+MMDV give the opportunity to solve application jobs by their small dimensioned construction, especially for the installation in machines or robots because of very low space requirements. Also suitable for applying material into very small moulds or through small holes.

Nozzle extension model angled:

Extension for applying material at an angle available in various versions:
- full jet at an angle 45°
- full jet at an angle 90°
- full jet at an angle 135°

Extent of delivery: complete extension

Nozzle extension model ahead:

Extension for applying material ahead available in version:
- full jet, ahead

Extent of delivery: complete extension

They can be made in any needed length.

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.


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