Nozzle extensions series for Round-Flatspray regulation

The D12 nozzle extensions have an outer pipe diameter of 12mm. They consist of an inner pipe for the medium, a central air pipe and a horn-shaped air pipe. The special characteristic of these extensions is that they can generate a controllable spray jet (round and flat spray pattern). The D12 extensions are available for all guns/automatic spray valves with integrated round/flat spray pattern adjustment (e.g. W3FZ-Duo R/F, S 947, MKD-IS R/F, GF-3).

Nozzle extension model angled:

Extension spraying with flat spray at an angle available in various versions:
- 45° angled round-flatspray regulation
- 90° angled round-flatspray regulation

Extent of delivery: complete extension

Nozzle extension model ahead:

Extension spraying ahead available in version:
- round-flatspray regulation

Extent of delivery: complete extension

They can be made in any needed length and form.

Special designs on request. Technical alterations reserved. For further information please contact us.


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