Application of release agents

The release agent used for the demoulding of castings plays a crucial role in the process. The workpiece can only be optimally removed if the release agent is the perfect match for the mould material. This in turn helps to prevent errors in the casting such as damage to the moulding tools. If the mould is made of sand, the release agent ensures that as little sand as possible remains adhered to the casting. Release agents are available as solvent-containing release agents, water-based emulsions and varnish-type special coatings.

There are also different application methods for the different media. Some methods are particularly economical, which makes the entire demoulding process significantly more efficient. In addition to conventional spraying methods, there are also low-quantity spraying methods that heavily atomise the release agent, thereby significantly reducing consumption. Furthermore, this method does not require any thermoregulation. SCHÜTZE offers solutions for this and all other application methods in the field of mould and core production.

Application of blackwashes

Blackwashes create a barrier between the metal and the sand used for the mould. This isolates the core, the metal and the mould, and helps prevent the cast metal getting into the sand pores. This in turn prevents any errors or other metallurgical effects.

The most important aspect of the blackwash is the refractory material, which forms a covering and seals the surface. The entire blackwash must be applied with a certain layer thickness. This is the only way of ensuring an optimal casting result. This can be achieved using the sprayers and spray guns (compressed air or airless) from SCHÜTZE that have been specially developed to meet these particular challenges. These devices apply the blackwash extremely evenly, which helps to ensure the perfect layer thickness and the best casting results every time.

Application of adhesive to casting cores

SCHÜTZE also offers applicators for the application of adhesive. These applicators are available in a range of different variants, as there are different requirements for each adhesive and each application. The adhesive can be applied using compressed air, for example.  Both cold-curing and hot-curing adhesives can be processed and applied to the casting cores with the SCHÜTZE applicators.

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